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PRODUCT DETAILSBraun FaceSpa Sensitive Beauty Mini Face Epilator 832SKey InformationProduct Type:&nb..

AED 410.00

PRODUCT DETAILSBraun Hair Curler Satin.Hair 7*IONTEC, reassurance for healthy styling*Satin ions Res..

AED 351.00

PRODUCT DETAILS Braun Hair Dryer HD530Frizz and flyaway hair are the most annoying style kille..

AED 264.00

PRODUCT DETAILS Braun Hair Dryer HD730Braun Satin-Hair 7 dryer with IONTEC is specially design..

AED 390.00

PRODUCT DETAILSBraun Hair Straightener ES3*Colour Saver Technology for vibrant colour for longer*sat..

AED 400.00

PRODUCT DETAILS Braun Hair Straightener Satin Hair 3*Braun Satin Hair3 Straightener allows eff..

AED 176.00

PRODUCT DETAILSBraun Series3 Rechargeable Shaver 330sKey InformationProduct Type :Shaver Brand:..

AED 312.00

PRODUCT DETAILSBraun Shaver Cruzer5 FaceKey InformationProduct Type :Shaver Brand:BRAUN Mo..

AED 312.00

PRODUCT DETAILSBraun Silk Epil Beauty Styler Beauty Areas FG1100Key InformationProduct Type :Hair Re..

AED 117.00

PRODUCT DETAILSBraun Silk Epilator Legs & Body 3370Key InformationProduct Type :Epilator Br..

AED 186.00

PRODUCT DETAILSBraun Wrist BP Monitor BBP2000Key InformationProduct Type: BP Monitor Brand: BRA..

AED 225.00

PRODUCT DETAILSGillette Mach 3 Cart 8 Turbo..

AED 117.00

PRODUCT DETAILSIkon Electrical Shaver IK-FK355Key InformationProduct Type :Shaver Brand: Ikon&n..


AED 147.00

PRODUCT DETAILSPanasonic Beard & Hair Trimmer ERGB40Since the founding of our company in 1918, w..

AED 254.00

PRODUCT DETAILS Panasonic Hair Dryer EH5572*2000 Watts*Two external ion outlets*Fast, Gentle d..

AED 234.00

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