Philips AirFryer HD9248 1.2KgGeneralProduct Type:Air Fryer Power:2100W Capacity:1.2Kg ..

AED 1,331.00

Tefal Actifry GH807228 1.2KgGeneralProduct Type:Actifry Fryer Power:1400W Capacity:1.2Kg&n..

AED 1,009.00

PRODUCT DETAILSTefal Actifry Express FZ750027 1KgFeaturesProduct Type - Air Fryer Power -&..

AED 1,004.00

PRODUCT DETAILSPhilips Air Fryer HD9240 1.2KgDescriptionPhilips unique Rapid Air Technology lets you..

AED 922.00

PRODUCT DETAILSDelonghi Multi Fryer DLFH1363WH 1.7KgDescriptionMultifry is an innovative cooking app..

AED 844.00

Philips Air Fryer HD9645 800gmGeneralProduct Type:Air Fryer Power:1425  Watts Capacit..

AED 819.00

Philips Air Fryer HD9621GeneralProduct Type:Air Fryer Power:1425W Capacity:800g Color..

AED 819.00

Philips Air Fryer HD9220GeneralProduct Type:Air Fryer Power:1400W Capacity:0.8Kg Feat..

AED 717.00

PRODUCT DETAILSTefal Actifry FZ701027 1KgDescriptionActiFry has a patented hot air system and stirri..

AED 527.00

PRODUCT DETAILSDelonghi Multi Fryer FH1163 1.5KgDescriptionMultifry is an innovative cooking applian..

AED 512.00

Tefal 9in1 Deep Fryer FR495027GeneralProduct Type:Deep Fryer Power:1600 Watts Capacity:1.2..

AED 463.00

Black + Decker Aerofry AF300-B5 1.2KgGeneralProduct Type:Air Fryer Power:1500W Capacity:1...

AED 449.00

Tefal Air Fryer FX100028-800GGeneralProduct Type:Air Fryer Power:1450W Capacity:800g ..

AED 327.00

PRODUCT DETAILSTefal Deep Fryer 100070DescriptionThe Tefal Prissima Fryer is a great introduction to..

AED 259.00

Black+Decker Rice Cooker RC2850B5 2.8LtrKey InformationProduct Type:Electric Rice Cooker Brand:..

AED 195.00

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